General rules related to the karaoke club "LaiF"

Dear visitors! In order to keep a security within karaoke club we use video cameras. 
Song performance rules:
1. General rules related to our karaoke club are necessary for all visitors without any exception. The songs should be always performed in the right coherence accordingly the numbering of tables. The number of performing songs depends upon the certain number of visitors sitting at the table. For example if there are up to 6 visitors at the table, only 1 song is allowed to be performed. If there are over 7 visitors sitting at the table, so in this case one is allowed to perform up to 2 songs. Usually, there is only one group of visitors sitting at the table. We never seat next to anyone without a mutual assent!
2. Having chosen the song from the list, the visitor should put down its number to the order list and give it to the waiter/waitress. In order to change the sound, tone or tempo of the ordered songs, visitors have to put their requests on the order list or they can make it in the oral form as well having informed a club administrator about it.
3. The turn to perform the song goes automatically to the next table if:
The visitor has not made any request for the song;
The visitor has missed his turn;
The visitor has put down the wrong number of the song twice;
According to the visitor’s request the ordered soundtrack has been put back twice to the very beginning;
Other visitors are ready to give their turn to the next table with a mutual assent.
4. Visitors have right to order and perform the song out of turn as well. The price for song performance out of turn is 20 EUR. It is allowed to perform up to 2 songs.
5. Visitors have right to perform songs both sitting at the table or right on the club scene.
6. No more than two visitors are allowed to perform the song at the same time.
7. Visitors are allowed to perform their own soundtracks, but only for the special price, yet the soundtrack’s format should be coordinated with sound technician beforehand.          
Social etiquette rules:
The private club administration may restrict the permission to visit the club for some persons without explaining the reason if it is necessary. It is prohibited to visit the club under the alcoholic or drug intoxication and also to be in shabby clothes.
It is strictly prohibited to come to the club in shabby or sport clothes; to bring, use or distribute food, alcohol, drugs and also to have any kind of weapon even though one has a legal license. In addition of it is prohibited to use photo and video camera without club administration’s special permission. Teenagers up to 14 years old should leave the club after 10.00 p.m. It is also prohibited to take pets to the club; come too closely to the sound technician’s place; touch or tune musical equipment; sing on the scene keeping a glass of alcohol or juice; swear, offend and outrage other visitors.
During the performance or presentation it is allowed to be up to 2 persons on the scene. Smoking is allowed only in the smoking places.
As the club is equipped with a modern and very expensive technique one should handle carefully with it. If technique gets seriously damaged because of visitor’s careless handling with it, the visitor should make amends to the club authorities depending on the range of damage.
NB! The organizer who orders such kind of public performances is responsible for financial expenses on the party’s arrangement.
The visitor is allowed to be in the club up to 5 minutes without a ticket. After that he should buy a ticket.
Visitors who have made several times club etiquette rules violations might be removed from the club. In this case club’s administration doesn’t compensate any visitor’s expenses.
There is a voice control system in our karaoke club! It means that if the club’s authorities consider your song or soundtrack to be tactless, they might refuse you in performing it.
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