The history of karaoke

It is claimed that karaoke was born about 20 years ago in Kobe (Japan), yet according to the other version karaoke was born in 1970-s in the USA during the choir under the leadership of Mitch Melnick. According to the last version the audience was looking after a looming ball on the screen while singing at the same time with singers. One says that after that Japans added this conception to their arsenal and changed it to the commercial entertainment having called it officially “karaoke”.       
Since that time karaoke has become a popular entertainment all over the Eastern Asia. In 1980-s karaoke’s popularity has grown up a lot in the Far East, and later on distributed up to the Northern America, and Europe. Thanks to our LAIF club karaoke has become widely available in Tallinn as well.
The word “karaoke” consists of two separate words – “kara” that means in English “empty” and “Oke” that means “orchestra”. As soon as there are no any vocals in karaoke songs karaoke actually means “empty orchestra”. The word “karaoke” officially exists in all dictionaries also including the latest version of Oxford Dictionary.