About us

Feel free to sing and be as a real Popstar!

LAIF karaoke club has been an excellent place for organizing concerts and amateur performances since 2013.

The modern musical equipment in the club is as good as in professional studios. The most expensive equipment (AST-100) including 35000 modern hits in different languages such as Russian, Estonian and English  gives you a good possibility to try your musical skills. On the large plasma screen you can see both video and the text of the song as well. 

Our Art Group will help you to feel as a real Popstar on the great concert. Besides musical entertainments we organize thematic parties and different kinds of show programs. 

There is a hall with a scene and four large plasma screens in our karaoke club. It means that you can perform your songs sitting on the sofa. The best concerts of the famous artists and actresses recorded on DVDs are also transmitted on plasma screens. 

There is a hall for VIP-persons in our club as well. It helps both professional artists and beginners in demonstrating their musical skill in the general public. 

A pleasant twilight atmosphere with an attractive design, old arches, tiled roofs and timber beams make sense of a magnificent medieval spirit in the Downtown. 

The last achievements in the modern technique as well as laser and LED, smoke machine, ventilation and air conditioning during the laser show are well integrated into the unique public environment. 

Our club is intended not only for having fun, but for realization of your musical skills as well. Stay with us and feel free to sing as long as you want! Be as a real Popstar!